The Webster Barn at Sterling Meadows Farm

 Please click on photographs to view in a larger format.  The site has 360 degree views .  The photographic opportunities at the farm are endless.  Pictured below are some examples of the amazing bright green scenery and unique weddings in the summer months.



Pictured below are pictures from a fall wedding at the Webster Barn.  These folks chose to have the ceremony outside and the reception inside the barn.  You can see the beautiful Vermont colors and clever ideas this couple chose to decorate the area for their unique Vermont wedding.




The Webster Barn was restored in the summer of 2003, and the roof was  painted dark green.  Inside, the barn boasts eight custom stained glass windows, two large straw chandeliers with white lights, a built-in dance floor, a crows nest for optimum indoor and outdoor photography, and two elbow bars.  The barn can be used for the ceremony, with the reception in a tent outside, or you can have the ceremony out in the beautiful field and have the reception set up in the barn.  Below there are pictures of a few different weddings using both ideas.  Please visit our pricelist page to see the barn's capacity and further details. 






  This adorable farmhouse is yours to use when renting the site.  The house has 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  The out- building pictured below can be used for storage, as a garage, or utilized by the caterer of your choice.   The parking area at the farm is large, convenient, and out of the way.  





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